Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Ten of One Thousand

21. For the Lausanne Congress and the encouragement it has brought to so many
22. For truth that teaches us how to do the right thing (Titus 1:1)
23. For the cousins from Bangalore
24. For the smooth running of our globalink site and the opportunity to pray for the worldwide church
25. For the good that can come from information technology
25. For a daughter who loves to listen to stories
26. For a son who loves to help as only two-year-olds can
27. For a little sister coming up to stay this week
28. For the privilege of free medical treatment
29. For the beauty of Autumn
30. For Hope for a broken world and broken people

"Sing a new song to the LORD for he has done marvellous deeds."
(The Bible, Psalm 98 v 1)

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